• No Roof Damage

  • Easy Installation

  • Works On All Roofs

  • Wind Tunnel Tested

Affordable Solar Kits

Starting as low as $1.25 per kW and Free Shipping

Easy DIY Installation, For All Roof Types

  • Easy to connect, and strong racking system

  • I literally set it up, plug in the panels and within seconds, I was generating energy for my home from the sun.

  • Outstanding product for economical cost per watt

Z-Rack Hardware

SolarPod racking hardware provides a very easy and convenient solution for the do-it-yourself home solar installation. Along with being easy to install, the components are reusable, recyclable, and ensure the entire array is electrically integrated for simple grounding. Perhaps best of all, none of these components will penetrate your roof and cause future leaks! 

Z-Rack gives you all the benefits of solar, no roof drilling required

Streamline your energy usage while you protect and preserve your home. Z-Rack’s cutting-edge counterbalance system uses the same technology as a spoiler on an F1 race car. Designed to stay securely attached using only gravity, it’s the most elegant, secure and non-invasive solution for sloped roofs.


DIY Modular Standalone Solar Systems

SolarPod’s grid-tied and off-grid solar solutions are modular and integrate quickly and easily into your existing electrical system in your home. Should your energy needs grow, additional SolarPods can be installed in series with minimal effort.

Plans & Stamps

Join the modular revolution!

  • On-grid ground mount plug-n-play solar system
  • Simple installation with prefabricated parts that assemble on site with ease
  • Adaptable installation that can be mounted on the roof or on the ground
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